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I've recently been having longer periods and bleeding in between periods. What could be causing this to happen?

While spotting (bleeding a little bit between periods) and longer periods may be inconvenient, they are not an immediate cause for concern as there may be many reasons for these symptoms. If you recently started getting your periods, they may be more irregular in length and time between bleeding, and you may have some spotting. Additionally, if you just started on hormonal birth control (e.g., the pill), you may experience spotting and changes in your period.

However, this bleeding can be signs of something more, such as an STI or other inflammation, or more severe conditions such as endometriosis. If this bleeding is accompanied by dizziness, fevers, or pain, you should see a doctor immediately. If there is significant bleeding (more than just a few drops or for multiple months between periods, or you are quickly soaking through pads/tampons on your period), then you should see a doctor as well.

Your period can change for a lot of reasons over your lifetime! Know your body, and if the changes are extreme or making you not feel well, or they are ongoing, always check in with a doctor! For more information, check out:

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