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Frequently Asked Questions

Will anyone know that the package is an STI test kit?

All our packages will be packaged discreetly. You will also be provided with a tracking number in order to gauge when your package will arrive. Check out the store page to see what the packages look like. It's a plain white or purple mailer bag. It won't say anything else (not even Violet Project). 

Will my parents find out that I am ordering an STI test kit? 

By Maryland law, you're allowed to seek STI testing without your parent/guardian's permission. So we will never need to notify your parents that you are getting tested. We also never bill insurance for testing, so they won't see anything on their insurance. 

If you want to talk to a doctor and submit an appointment request, we'll ask you if you want to bill your parent/guardian's insurance or not. If you don't want to, we will cover the Violet doctor's fees! 

Will my partner(s) be contacted about my results? 

We will not contact your partner(s). However, we recommend that you notify your partner(s) if you test positive. There are free services that anonymously notify your partner(s), such as Tell Your Partner.

We are required by law to notify the health department if your chlamydia or gonorrhea tests are positive, but this information is private (no one will find out - it is kept in secure health department records just for tracking state-wide numbers of STIs). 

How often should I get tested? 

If you're under the age of 25, you should also get tested for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea every year, and each time you have a new sexual partner. 

If you're under the age of 64, you should get tested for HIV each time you have a new sexual partner. 

See more from the CDC here


How soon should I get tested after sex? 

You should always get tested BEFORE having sex with someone new. 

We know, however, that sometimes this isn't possible. If you want to get tested after having sex with someone new, here's what you should know. STIs have "incubation" periods. An incubation period is defined as a period between exposure to an infection and the appearance of the first symptoms. If you get tested during this incubation period, your test could say that it's negative even if you actually have the infection. For the most accurate test results, wait until the incubation period is over to get tested.

Gonorrhea: 1 day

Chlamydia and Trich: 7 days​

Syphilis, HIV, and Hep C: 14 days 

Hep B: 8 weeks

Can I get tested if I'm on my period?

Yup! The test won't be affected by period blood. 

If I am transgender, non-binary, or genderqueer, which test(s) do I take? 

We understand that these tests may put you in a difficult position. However, for the most reliable results, you should choose the test kit for the genitals you currently have.

How long does it take to get my results? Where will my results be?

Once you place your order for a test kit, the test kit will arrive to your house in 1-3 days (not including Sundays). Once you put your completed swabs in the mail, it takes around 7 days to get your results to you. You will receive a text or email from someone at Violet who will help you set up your results portal, and can walk you through the meaning of your results if you'd like! 

Where can I get treatment if I have an STI? 

If you test positive for an STI through a Violet test kit, someone from Violet will reach out to you and help schedule you to see a Violet healthcare provider. You can see them in clinic, or do a video visit, and they can send you a prescription for STI treatment. 

If you have a positive STI and you are here looking for resources, see our Resources page, or submit a request to talk to a Violet healthcare provider. 

What do I do if I notice an error in my order? 

Contact us anonymously by texting or calling (443) 267-7765. You can also email You can also chat with us on this website. Someone will assist you within 24 hours. 

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