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School Impact

It is important to us at Violet that we deliver accesible sexual and reproductive health information to students in middle schools and high schools across the greater Baltimore area. 

Through Violet, students are able to learn more informations about anatomy, mental health, STIs, reproductive health and more.

Clinic Outreach

Violet works hand and hand with several clinics at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Bayview Medical Center to offer patients sexual and reproductive health information, free mentual health prouducts and condoms, and information on free STI testing kits. 

Find us at: Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center for GYN/OB, Harriet Lane Clinic, Johns Hopkins Pediatric and Adult Psych ER, Bayview Medical Center Pediatric and Adult ER, Bayview Children's Medical Practice, Bayview GYN/OB Outpatient Clinic, and Bayview Family Planning Clinic.

Our Impact

Violet in the News

Violet has been featured in multiple news articles.

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Personal Stories


I am so grateful that I joined Violet. When I joined I had no idea how big of an impact it would have on me. I am currently an intern with the Violet Project. I come into the office every week and work on different materials and videos that need to be reviewed before going on the website or clinic. I was originally part of the youth advisory board last year and loved it so much that I wanted to continue my work with violet through the summer. I hope that I can continue to be a part of it for many many years. When this program started out, we had no idea that it would grow and blossom into the wonderful organization that it is now. I don’t know how violet will evolve in the future but I hope to be a part of it every step of the way. As for my future outside of violet, I really don’t know what I want to do. I have so many interests and am not interested in putting myself in a box just yet. However, I do know, that I am happy to continue with violet for as long as they will have me. Even if I do not yet have my future planned, I do know that I love what I am doing right now. Thanks to violet, I have the information and resources to help myself and my peers and I will be eternally grateful for the work that Violet does. 

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Violet has impacted me in so many ways. Through Violet, I was able to actively express my passion for sexual and reproductive health, and I was able to deliver this information to marginalized communities that have been deprived of it. Violet has inspired me to continue to advocate for accessible sexual and reproductive health information. Without Violet, I would not have been able to pursue my aspirations and make a substantial difference in healthcare at my young age. I am involved in Violet by currently being a patient volunteer, intern, and a Media and Design team member! I hope to stay involved in Violet in the future by continuing to be a patient volunteer and working on Violet’s social media platforms. I plan to go to medical school and become an OB/GYN after I receive my Bachelor of Science in Health Science. 


Violet has impacted me in a multitude of ways. From our first YCAB meeting to our condom and menstrual product giveaway at Pride 2022, it has felt like home. I feel as though I can come to my Violet family with any questions and they may not only be understanding, but if they couldn’t assist me they would do their best to connect me to someone who can!​ I’m one of many things when it comes to Violet. I’m an intern, a YCAB member, but most of all a volunteer. In the future, I hope to continue to volunteer with Violet, even if it’s just the repetitive packing parties where I get to stuff my mouth with pizza afterward!​ One thing I am not is a decisive person and I’d say my Violet family knows that all too well. However, I have a passion for expression, whether it be through dancing, writing, or painting - you name it, I express it! Also, one thing I do aspire to be is a trauma surgeon/therapist. Lastly, with my experiences and the leadership skills, Violet has provided me with, I’d also like to journal about the medical world, making it more accessible to those who aren’t favored by the unjust system.

mia weller.jpg


I’ve always been very passionate about reducing health disparities, particularly in Baltimore City. Period poverty has been one of my main concerns as I’ve witnessed it first hand. I wanted to create my own outlet to combat the issue but I didn’t feel like I had the resources, support, or large enough voice for such a large issue. Violet has given me not only a safe place for a voice on the issue, but also the support and resources needed to make a difference in my community. As a part of the Violet team, I’ve done voice acting for the website content, created social media content, and patient peer education. I hope to stay involved in all these areas in the future. My goal is to continue to reduce health disparities through my career by becoming an OB-GYN (especially black maternal health) or epidemiologist so I can examine how to better serve Baltimore City with health care.  


The Violet Project has changed my life. This incredible team has such a special place in my heart.  I was aware that profound inequity and disparities exist in reproductive healthcare prior to working with the Violet Project but in working with community organizations, schools, students on our youth community advisory board, and patients, the stark differences in access by race, gender identity, and even zip code is deeply upsetting and requires immediate and concerted effort. I volunteer in patient education and support as well as in support of research projects that aim to shed light on the factors that prevent young people from seeking quality sexual and reproductive healthcare. I will be graduating with my BA in Public Health Studies from Johns Hopkins University, with a minor in The Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, in the Spring of 2023. Largely inspired by my work with Violet, I will be pursuing MSPH in Population, Family, and Reproductive Health before pursuing my medical education. I plan to continue my work with Violet throughout my graduate education.



Working with violet, I have learned much more than I did in school about my sexual health, menstrual health, and ways to protect myself. It has also opened my eyes to how much the world and education system lack in this field.  

For this up-and-coming school year, I will be running the BSA YCAB program, and educating other students about ways to protect their health. I hope I can continue doing this until I graduate, and in the future, I plan to stay connected with the club I started along with violet. My future career plans are to either be a lawyer because I am really Into fighting injustice as a young black woman I have already experienced a lot myself. Other than that I have really considered being an OBGYN. Violet has really opened my eyes to how much our education system/community needs to know. My aspiration in life is to be successful and happy in everything I do. 


Violet has active partnerships with middle and high schools in the greater Baltimore area. So far, we have delivered education and care to the following schools:

  • Baltimore City College

  • Baltimore Design School

  • Baltimore Leadership School

  • Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

  • Baltimore School for the Arts

  • Bowie High School

  • Bryn Mawr School

  • Forest Park High School
  • Dumbarton Middle School
  • George WF McMehan High School

  • James McHenry Elementary Middle School

  • Joseph C. Briscoe School

  • Western High School

  • Woodlawn High School

  • Centro Sol Program

  • Baltimore City Community College

  • Howard Community College

  • Johns Hopkins University

Violet is also actively involved in the Baltimore community. We have provided fun health education in the community at these events: 

  • Día del Niño at Patterson Park

  • WINGS x Violet period equity documentary screening by Diva Cup

  • Baltimore Birth Festival

  • Baltimore Youth PRIDE and PRIDE

  • Patterson Park Concert Series

  • Baltimore City College Community Fair

  • Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Community Fair

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