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Vocabulary List

It can be hard to remember all the terms you need to know about anatomy and identity. We're here to help -- here's a list of important terms and what they mean.


Visit the corresponding pages for each section for more detailed explanations, including diagrams and visuals.


Lower portion of the uterus that connects the vagina with the main body of the uterus and acts as a gateway between them. 


Located under the fold of skin called the clitoral hood. It is very sensitive to touch: stimulating the clitoris can result in an orgasm.​


Any liquid or mucus that comes from a vagina or penis.


Refers to penis or vagina and the areas around them.


Inability to get pregnant.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Infections in the female reproductive parts (ex. uterus, ovaries).


External organ of the male reproductive system. Primary functions are sexual intercourse and urination.

Preterm Birth

Having a baby too early -- referred to as a "preemie baby."


Largest gland in the male reproductive system. Produces secretion that makes up semen and assists with sexual pleasure.​


Loose pouch-like sac of skin that hangs behind the penis and that holds the testicles. 


Produces sperm and hormones. 


A thick muscular organ that can expand to accommodate a growing fetus (baby).

Vagina (vaginal canal)

A tube made of tissue and muscle that connects the cervix to the outside of the body for XX ("female") anatomy. Main functions include menstruation, sex, and childbirth.


The outside part of XX ("female") genitals or private parts.


Refers to anatomy that is categorized as "female" at birth. 


Refers to anatomy that is categorized as "male" at birth. ​

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