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Get Tested for STIs with The Violet Kit

The Violet Kit tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Trich.

Order a kit.

Order a kit. Your kit will arrive in a a plain package in under 5 business days. More details about the packaging can be found on our shipping page. For help ordering, call (443) 267-7765.

Collect your samples.

Collect samples (swab your mouth, vagina, penis, or anus) following the instructions in the kit. Everything you need is in the kit. For help, here are videos on swabbing.

Drop off samples.

An envelope is included in the kit that is already addressed to the lab and paid for. Just drop it off in a blue USPS mailbox.

Receive results online. 

In under 5 business days, you will be sent your test results (call, text, or email).

Get treated.

If you test positive for anything, Violet will contact you and get you treatment completely for free!

The Violet Kit: Video


The Violet Kit is not a good fit for people who need immediate testing or are getting tested in the case of an emergency. The Kit takes 1-5 business days to get to you after placing your order. ​
time from placing your order to order getting to you:
1-5 business days
time it takes for you to swab:
can be less than a day, this portion of the timeline is up to you and when you choose to test 
time it takes for the samples to ship to lab:
1-5 business days
time it takes to process your samples and send results:
1-3 business days
total estimate:
4 - 14 days
The Violet Kit: Our Services
Want to know what the kit looks like? 
Want to see the whole process?
A few extra notes about The Violet Kit:
  • The sample collection procedures described by this testing program which are outside of the test manufacturer’s claims have been validated by a CLIA-certified laboratory per applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Violet Kits are provided free of cost. They are only available to people under the age of 26, and for those living in Maryland. 
  • If you have fever or strong pain in your stomach and/or genital area, see a doctor as soon as possible, rather than waiting for Violet Kit results. Those symptoms could mean something more serious, and you could need faster treatment from a doctor. 
  • Once you swab yourself with the Violet Kit swab, the swab is good for 30 days in the liquid tube. After 30 days of the swab in the liquid, the test won't be valid anymore. If you're ever unsure, just call or text Violet anonymously: (443) 267-7765‬
  • If your partner needs a kit, you can help order them one, but we need their contact information, not yours! This is just for medical and legal reasons. 
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