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Resources for Hopkins Students

Student Health & Wellness Center


The Student Health and Wellness Center offers many free and reduced-cost services and products to Hopkins students. This includes access to free condoms during business hours, as well as a 24/7 vending machine (only accepts J-Cash) that offers reduced price products ranging from condoms for $2 to emergency contraception for $8. Find the full range of vending machine products here:  

The SHWC also offers other contraceptives at reduced cost, such as a 28 day supply of oral birth control for $11. To access these products/medications, call the SHWC to schedule an appointment with a nurse practitioner who can prescribe the right medication for you— you can choose to either bill the prescription to insurance or pay out of pocket, which fully maintains your privacy. You can find the full list of medications and prices here:    

If you have student health insurance plans (WellFleet or EHP), you can access free asymptomatic STI testing or 90% covered symptomatic STI testing. If privacy is a concern (an explanation of benefits may be sent to your home address) or you are not on a student health insurance plan, you can pay a reduced price for these tests out of pocket. If you do not have student health insurance, you can still access the following services from the SHWC: 

  • Free rapid HIV testing (20 minutes to get results) 

  • Free syphilis and HIV testing through the Maryland Department of Health (2 weeks to get results) 

  • Chlamydia & gonorrhea testing for $13 each, not billed to insurance 

The SHWC is located at 1 E 31st St, Homewood Apartments, N200, Baltimore, MD 21218 and is open Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:45PM, Wednesday from 1PM to 4:45PM, and Saturday for urgent appointments from 10AM to 12PM. You can reach them over the phone at 410-516-8270 for further questions. 

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