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Photovoice Gallery

We have established a Youth Community Advisory Board (YCAB) to engage AYAs in positively impacting the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services that they receive at JHOC. The YCAB was promoted at Johns Hopkins Outpatient Clinic as well as at three high schools in the greater Baltimore area (Western High School, Baltimore City College, and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute). We asked YCAB members to participate in a yearlong research project using a community-participatory research method called Photovoice to shed light on their perceived barriers and facilitators to accessing SRH services and education. This Photovoice project allowed AYAs in our YCAB to have a direct role in their wellbeing and helped to cultivate leadership in  participating AYAs as advocates to have a tangible and far-reaching impact on their communities.

photovoice gallery.jpg

Above is a picture of our final Photovoice Gallery, at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in June 2022.

See select photos + narratives below!

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