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Are there any pills I can take for an easier access abortion?

There are pills that you can take for an abortion, and you can see a doctor to get these serices or have a self-managed abortion (SMA). However, these medications are often hard to access without seeing a doctor in the United States - the Plan C website has more information about how to do so at home and more information about the process.

The recommended pill therapy is a combined medication called mifepristone-misoprostol (made of these two medications). While it is safe to take at home, it can be helpful to speak to a clinician (whether on the phone, online, or in person) to understand what symptoms may be concerning in the process and to make sure that SMA can be effective for you.

If you cannot see a doctor but are looking for access and guidance with an abortion using pills, here are some helpful resources suggested by the Society for Family Planning:

  • Miscarriage & Abortion Hotline ( – This is a confidential, private, and secure phone/text hotline (833-246-2632) for questions during the SMA process. The hotline is staffed by licensed clinicians. No personal information is required and the hotline is currently open 8am-11pm in all continental U.S. time zones, 7 days a week. English and Spanish.

  • Self-Managed Abortion; Safe & Supported ( – SASS is the U.S. project of Women Help Women, which is a global nonprofit that supports the rights of people to have information about and access to safe abortion with pills. Their website provides information on SMA and minimizing legal risks, and counselors can be contacted via a secure web portal. They are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Thai, French, Italian and Korean.

  • Society of Family Planning recommendations for self-managed abortions can be found here. (Updated 09/08/22)

Read more about abortion from Violet:

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