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How do I properly wash my vagina and with what?

It's important to start by defining some anatomy terms. We're used to hearing people refer to all of a woman's reproductive anatomy as "the vagina." Actually, the outside part of your genitals is called the "vulva," and the vagina is the canal/tube inside you where a baby would come out of, or where period blood comes out of.

You don't need to wash your vagina - the vaginal canal inside of you has its own chemically balanced environment and your vagina cleans itself. Washing can actually disturb this environment and cause discomfort or infections. In contrast, your vulva can get sweaty, may get bloody while on your period, can sometimes have urine on it from peeing, and sometimes hair can grow wrong and cause painful pimples or cysts. You should wash your vulva, (see a picture here), and washing with soap and water is the best approach. Visit

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