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Is there a way to find a trans-friendly gynecologist?

Yes! While it may be uncomfortable going to the doctor as a transperson at times, it is still very important to go to doctor and gynecologist to check on your health! Congratulations on taking charge of your own body and health journey!

While all gynecologists should care of ALL people with female reproductive organs, transpeople do often face stigma or judgment in medical settings. To counteract this, many medical institutions, clinics, hospitals, and local LGBT organizations have resources to connect you to physicians specializing in trans-friendly, gender-affirming care!

For example, at Johns Hopkins Medicine, the Center for Transgender Health has specific doctors who focus on transgender health, as well as additional resources for transgender and other gender identities to find inclusive care (

Other resources, such as the LGBTQ+ Healthcare Directory ( are also available online to find trans-friendly care! Look at your local clinics and organizations to find trans-friendly providers in your area. If you still need help finding a trans-friendly gynecologist, you can always reach out to Violet for additional help!

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