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What are some pros and cons of using birth control? Can it cause long term infertility?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

There are many different types of birth control, or contraception. From condoms, to the the pill, IUDs (intrauterine devices), and more, different contraceptive methods have different pros and cons. Most importantly, when used correctly, all birth control can help prevent pregnancy when you have sex. Birth control does not cause long term infertility. It stops you from getting pregnant while you are using it and for a little while after, depending on the contraceptive you choose to use. Research has shown there is no link between birth control and infertility.

Our contraception page offers lots of details about the pros and cons of each birth control. Just a couple questions to reflect on when choosing the right type of birth control are:

  • What is right for your body? What is your current health like?

    • For example, some birth control can be worse for people who have high blood pressure. A doctor will talk to you about if this should be a concern for you.

  • Can you take a pill everyday, or do you prefer something more hands off?

  • How often do you want to see the doctor?

  • How much can you pay?

    • Insurance can cover most birth control, but some may still be more expensive than others. Don't forget - you can order free condoms from the Violet Store!

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