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Is it normal to have discharge everyday?

It can definitely be normal to have discharge everyday, but normal is different for everyone!

When we're talking about discharge, it is important to note the color, the smell, and the amount of discharge you're having. It can be normal to have discharge everyday if that discharge is clear or milky AND there is not very much (nowhere near as much as you have during your period). Some women do get discharge every day, and some have it less often.

The amount of discharge and the texture/consistency may differ depending on the day of one's period: discharge usually gets slightly thicker and milkier around the time of ovulation (halfway through the menstrual cycle - so around 2 weeks after the end of a period).

It may be easier to think about if the discharge is not normal. Ask yourself:

  • Does the discharge smell different than it usually smells?

  • Does the discharge look different than it usually does (color, thickness)?

  • Is there a lot more dishcarge than usual?

Discharge that smells different than usual, is green or very yellow, is thick or kinda like cottage cheese, may all be signs of an infection. If you are ever concerned, you should see your doctor, as they can run tests and ask further questions to determine the cause of the unusual discharge.

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