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Where can I get tampons and panty liners?

You can get tampons and panty liners at most pharmacies, convenience, and large grocery stores (Walgreens, Walmart, etc.) but their prices can be expensive depending on where you go. You can see our Menstrual Health page for more information about different period products. For pads, our low cost recommendations are getting Always Pads at Target, Walmart or Amazon. For tampons, we recommend Always, Tampax and Playtex. Walmart, for example, has their own brand called Equate that can be cheaper than some of the other named brands. Whenever possible, buying pads and tampons in bulk (i.e. from BJ's Wholesale or Costco) is much cheaper and you can save on the cost of period products.

While the Violet Store does not currently offer tampons or pads, we will be expanding to those items soon to provide teens free or discounted access to those menstrual items and more! Check back soon!

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